The quality of Torrié coffee has been acknowledged by consumers and by independent bodies within Portugal and abroad.

  • "Escolha do Consumidor 2015 and 2014" ("Consumer's Choice”)

    Torrié Capsules are the "Consumer's Choice”

    The “Escolha do Consumidor” event rates consumer satisfaction and approval of specific products and services. As such, consumers play the central role in this contest at which statistically precise tests are performed with independent consumers who are actively consuming the respective products or services.  
    In the coffee capsule segment, consumers placed emphasis on Taste, Taste Intensity and Degustation (overall evaluation). In the consequent blind tasting, they evaluated their  level of satisfaction and purchase intention based on satisfaction. Torrié had the best results among the competing products.

  • "Sabor do Ano Restauração 2014" ("Restaurant Taste of the Year 2014")

    Torrié is “Sabor do Ano Restauração 2014” (Torrié is “Restaurant Taste of the Year 2014”)

    The Torrié range of coffees for the FoodService channel was named “Sabor do Ano Restauração 2014”.
    Torrié FoodService: Imperial, Real, Nobre, Clássico, Antigo and LC2

  • Superior Taste Award 2013, 2010 and 2007

    Torrié Expresso Capsules - “Superior Taste Award 2013”
    Torrié Expresso Pods – “Superior Taste Award 2010”
    Torrié Filtro – “Superior Taste Award 2007”

    Torrié Expresso Capsules, Torrié Expresso Pods and Torrié Filtro received "Superior Taste Award" from the iTQI - International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels.


    The iTQI is a European Organisation of Chefs, Sommeliers and drink experts who test superior-tasting food and drink on a blind basis.


  • Sabor do Ano (Flavour of the Year) 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

    Torrié Coffees tasted and approved by consumers

    Through its Home range, Torrié is the only Portuguese brand to have received an award in every year of the "Sabor do Ano" competition.

    The "Sabor do Ano" award represents recognition of the quality and approval of the product by consumers based exclusively on its flavour.

    Consumers play a key role in this competition: it is consumers who assess the products and it is consumers who are particularly interested in knowing which products have the best flavour.

    To conduct the tests and the certification of the products, the Trip Network, the entity responsible for organising the "Sabor do Ano" competition, works in collaboration with independent laboratories specialising in Sensory Analysis.


  • Nutrition Awards 2011

    Torrié Live It Well Range - 2nd Prize (1st Honourable Mention)

    The Torrié Live It Well range received a Nutrition Award in the ‘Innovation and Development of Products and Services’ category, at the 2011 Nutrition Awards.
    Organised by the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists and by the GCI, the ‘Nutrition Awards’ aim to reward and publicise projects related to an area of nutrition in Portugal.

  • Torrié Grão the consumer choice in “The People’s Pick” test

    Torrié Grão elected “Favourite Hot Beverage 2009” by consumers in Canada. This award was given at the 17th Food Festival & Market, held each year in Canada.


  • Torrié - Mark of Excellence 2007

    Torrié received a “The Top Choice Award Tm - Mark of Excellence” 2007 in the Coffee category by TCA – Top Choice Awards.


    The TCA is an organisation that identifies and promotes outstanding products through public consultation in Canada.


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