Torrié has established itself as an innovative brand as reflected in the launch systematic of new products.

Innovation Process
Examples of innovation
    • 1. Proposal for innovation
      Identification of consumer trends and needs
    • 2. Assessment of the proposal for innovation by a multidisciplinary team
      • - Study of products and substances available on the market and selection of various possibilities.
      • - Laboratory tests and the validation and selection of results.
    • 3. Development and implementation of the innovation project
      • - Development of packaging and labelling and of industrial tests.
      • - Sensory analysis and consumers acceptance tests.
    • 4. Selling
      Result of innovation
    • The first Portuguese brand to launch a"n organic capsule coffee.

      The first coffee brand to include nutritional information on its product packaging – helping the consumer to understand the components of coffee and to make healthier food choices.

      The first brand to include on packaging a sensory characterisation of its coffees, with tasting notes that make consumers aware of new aromas and flavours and improve the consumer experience.

      Focuses on the sensory experience, helping to share knowledge among coffee connoisseurs.

    • Uses intuitive icons on packaging, helping the consumer to more rapidly identify the different formats in which its coffees are available.

      Uses "silver skin" as a source of antioxidants, through a system that recovers this husk during roasting (Torrié Silver Skin has 30% more polyphenols than normal coffee, which allows it to use the nutrition claim "Natural Source of Antioxidants"; polyphenols have beneficial effects against ageing).

      Torrié Zen uses plant infusions mixed with coffee, using knowledge of aromatherapy to create a sensation of relaxation.

      Uses compounds to extract coffee with chicory and with barley in the "espresso" version. Chicory and barley are not usually extracted as espresso and can help regulate the digestive system.

    • Torrié Energy contains around 30% more caffeine than normal espresso coffee, allowing it to use the nutrition claim "Increased Caffeine content".

      Torrié uses scientific studies and works with experts in various fields, transposing knowledge that it passes on to consumers in several ways.

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