The dynamics, urban spirit and emotion that have characterised the Torrié brand in recent years are now joined by values related to social and environmental concerns and with health and well-being.

Changes in family and eating habits, stress and disturbances in terms of health and well-being – aggravated by accelerated lifestyles and by the demands of work, friends and family – are reflected in a greater concern with health and well-being, as well as an increase in life expectancy and an appreciation of the quality of life.

A greater concern with health and well-being is reflected in the search for a healthy diet, for physical exercise and for moments of relaxation and pleasure.
Well-being is thus seen as not just physical, but also a sense of balance, of achievement, of happiness. The famous maxim “a sound mind in a healthy body” is particularly emphasised today, with the search for this balance being the order of the day.

Under the slogan “Inspire Your life”, the Torrié brand invites people to make the best of life, reminding them that the enjoyment associated with the flavour of a good coffee can be integrated into a healthy diet.

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