Quality Policy

The Quality Policy at Torrié is one of the main driving forces for the brand’s development. To obtain better results is more than just an objective; it is a challenge shared among employees, suppliers and customers, in a constant interaction that motivates people to do more and better.
The Quality Policy at Torrié is not just an internal commitment. It is, today, a recognition: reflected in the numerous national and international awards that the Portuguese brand proudly displays, aware that its mission is increasingly demanding and that it must always be capable of responding in a professional and competent manner.

Pillars of the quality policy

We continuously monitor market trends and consumer expectations.
We promote flexibility and constant adaptation to market and customer needs.
We create value by investing in innovation and differentiation, in the intrinsic quality of products, in food safety and in practical and functional systems.
We believe in a cross-cutting commitment to quality, involving the entire organisation.